April 2016

No Doubt About It!

No Doubt About It No Doubt About It! We all have a “Second-Guesser”…you know…that part of us that doubts whatever we come up with. We make a decision. Then it starts in: “But what if…?”  “How will that work? “Suppose….” “We could also…” And on and on. What if we could live without doubt? What …

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One Step at a Time!

One Step at a Time! Good morning! (It’s Monday morning)…I thought my life was busy before…that is before I (willingly!) adopted a new puppy (12 weeks old when we got him – now almost 14). S”Step” is his name. He’s really wonderful…most of the time. Over theist 2 weeks we have worked with him…and for …

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Celebrating April 1st

Celebrating April 1st April 1st! Fools’ day? Well at least it is a day of humor for me.  I’ve always said God or the Universe or whatever you want to call it…always has a laugh waiting for me. I remember as a kid filling my uncle’s sugar bowl with salt – what a surprise that …

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