One Step at a Time!

Good morning! (It’s Monday morning)…I thought my life was busy before…that is before I (willingly!) adopted a new puppy (12 weeks old when we got him – now almost 14). S”Step” is his name. He’s really wonderful…most of the time. Over theist 2 weeks we have worked with him…and for the last three days he has pooped and pissed “in his location!”And by yesterday afternoon, Step was even lying peacefully at Tim’s feet while I ran his Bars – he (Step) loved it!

Last night our old-time visitor “Scotty” came to join us for 3 days. Whew! What a beginning. Lots of wishful thinking on Step’s part about playing. Lots of “What? You have a puppy here? What about me?” from Scotty.

This morning all seems well. As I write this they are tearing up the living room playing…running…and jousting with each other…Scotty is doing his best to let Step know HE’S the one calling the shots. And I must say he’s very good at it. Friendly, playful, and a wise old pooch. My friend Nancy would be proud. She left last night not so sure when she left Scotty.

All this by way of saying…”One step at a time.” A real lesson in slowing down…taking care of myself…learning to set boundaries and be in charge.

All this and I managed to have my first showing publicly of my Felting Art…now hanging at the Chesterton Art Gallery for the month. And the reception was more than I could possibly have imagined!