No Doubt About It

No Doubt About It!

We all have a “Second-Guesser”…you know…that part of us that doubts whatever we come up with. We make a decision. Then it starts in: “But what if…?”  “How will that work? “Suppose….” “We could also…” And on and on.

What if we could live without doubt? What would that look like?

Well around getting a puppy for us, it looked ike: “I would really like a puppy….light or heavy?” – Heavy “I would really like a puppy…light or heavy?” – Heavy “I would really like a puppy…light or heavy?” – Heavy Some days I wouldn’t think to ask. Days would go by and I wouldn’t think to ask.

Some days we would have a visitor (a wonderful dog named Scotty). He would leave after a few days, and… “I would really like a puppy…light or heavy?” – Heavy Then, oh my goodness,… “I would really like a puppy…light or heavy?” – Light! And I couldn’t get to the Pet Refuge fast enough…and there he was! Stanford was his name then…part of some “March Madness” of newborn abandoned puppy litters promotion. Within 4 days (after checking of our background etc.), he came to live with us…our Stepan “Step” for short. I hasten to say it’s not just pets. Camping and other trips (eg. road trip to Alaska)…big purchases (like getting a car)…business decisions (like leaving the practice of law and the 76th floor in the Sears Tower…moving my work location to our home in Indiana…having a “Bars® presence at Nature’s Cupboard in Michigan City)…are all examples of “Light or Heavy” in my life. Just a question that is followed immediately by a “sense” or a “knowing.” And I have found, the more I use this…the easier it has become to “know” light or heavy.

And to be honest, there have been many times I have used tis tool that I made adjustments along the way. I think Dain would call them “ten-seconds later decisions.” Recently I really wanted to say “yes” to a friend/colleague who asked me to participate in a “Living Well Retreat.” When I checked my calendar, I was “busy,” so I said no. Then time passed, and for reasons I don’t understand (nor do I care to) whatever I had on my calendar disappeared :), I became convinced I could participate. So I signed up for a booth for Bars at the event. Then I realized I had committed to an even somewhere else. What to do? What else was possible? I did my best to see if I could adjust what I was scheduled to do. Nope. And then I realized there was a way I could “do” both! Some friends with an interest in the Bars stepped up, and, voila! The Living Well Retreat had a Bars booth, and my friends’ event in Illinois was spectacular! How DOES it get any better than that?

The key I suppose, is to embrace your Second-Guesser. Oh he/she is there for sure…and remember…h/she would like to help. So, say “thank you,” ask him/her to trust you, and then… go with what you “know”…no matter how uncomfortable it makes you. No doubt about it…I promise your adventures in this life will benefit from it. So…what else is possible for all of us today?!