About the same time that I discovered the Access Bars, I became a spin instructor! At that time, my maximum heart rate (according to a heart rate monitor) was 153.

Pretty soon after that I went to the Foundation and Level I classes of Access and learned 2 Body Processes. “Hmmmm,” I thought. “I wonder what a difference they might make to my body?” And so, before I did my Spin Classes (or exercised in any way…even just took a walk), I did these processes. I have to say that over o period of time I noticed that I felt better, my workouts felt easier, and it was a pleasure to move my body. Exercise no long seemed like a job I had to do.

A month or so ago, Omni Fitness offered heart monitors to everyone who is taking Spin. I bought one and began to use it. The interesting thing is I can’t seem to get my heart rate up over 140. So, thinking this must be setting up the heart rate monitor incorrectly, I went to the person at Omni in charge of fitness. She walked me through a bunch of questions. Eventually, she looked at me and said, “Maybe it has to do with the energy work you’ve been doing. Your heart is just more efficient than it used to be.”

WOW! How does it get any better than that!!!

Lesson? Use the Access Tools – and be prepared for miracles!

If I were truly the miracle I be what would I choose and what could I create that hasn’t been possible before?