The Gift that Keeps on Giving  

Standing in the shower I stretch my arms up toward the shower head feeling the rush of water cascading down my arms to my hands….The wonder of it all. So grateful for my arms that can reach out and bring a wealth of things to me…whether it is a can of soup from my larder, a dog pulling on his leash, a choice item in the grocery store. And then so grateful for my hands…my fingers grasp and then my arms reel it in…whatever it happens to be that my hands are holding. And then my fingers guide whatever they are clutching…perhaps to express oneself…typing (as I am now), picking and laying out fiber (one of my favorites )…molding a loaf of bread….I mean, really, these bodies of ours are amazing! Oh, yes, and the legs and the feet…how much they do for us in a given day…so much we demand of them…you know…10,000 fit bits at a minimum!?

Ahhh, but sometimes I go too fast. I trip. My feet stumble over themselves doing their best to keep up with my momentum and trajectory…all to no avail. And I fall, forgetting once again to listen to my body telling me there is no hurry, there is no urgency. Whatever is doing will wait.

I’m reminded, once again, to ask my body what it would like. What would your body like today? How can you show it your gratitude for all it does for you? How can you improve your listening so the next time it would like to slow down, you may even anticipate its desires before it has to take matters into its own hands, so to speak!