September 2016

I’ll have some of that!

I’ll have some of that!   On Wednesday I had plans…lots of plans for Sunday. And then Thursday night I saw a friend who said she was going to Expochicago ( on Sunday. Without knowing a thing about it except that she said it was “a big art show,” and without a moment’s hesitation, I said, …

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Empty Out! Create Space!

Empty Out! Create Space!  Lately I’m remembering when I first left the practice of law. Instead of welcoming the space and allowing the universe to work with me, I rushed toward what I was sure was my calling. In retrospect I realize I just couldn’t stand the space. (It’s a little like a person who …

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“POD and POC. POD and POC. Pod and POC!”

“POD and POC. POD and POC. POD and POC!” Oh my! How many different points of view I have been hearing lately…about age…about health…about race…about women…about men…about tattoos…about young people…about so called “disabilities”..about hair…about skin…about age (oh, I already said that :)…about bodies…about what’s wrong with bodies (interestingly not often…if ever…about what’s right, beautiful, and …

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