I’ll have some of that! 

 On Wednesday I had plans…lots of plans for Sunday. And then Thursday night I saw a friend who said she was going to Expochicago (http://expochicago.com) on Sunday. Without knowing a thing about it except that she said it was “a big art show,” and without a moment’s hesitation, I said, “I’m in!” It was as if my whole being responded without my thinking a thought or considering anything. I just knew this was my Sunday.

On Sunday as I was driving into Navy Pier in Chicago I was enchanted with wonder at the sight of the city I had lived in so many years. Ease was with me…and I’m sure I got one of the last parking spots (on the 7th floor of the east pier). That was only the beginning. I met my friend and her daughter, who is an agent for several art collectors in New York City, and we chatted with others over a Mimosa and delicious hors d’oeuvres. Then off our young agent sped, with us in tow, leading us the the “best of the best,” in her opinion, based on her sampling of exhibits in the previous hours. And WOW! The inspiration was amazing (not my best photography).

Leaving me inspired and full of ideas (ask me about these when you see me :). So grateful I “hung on to myself,” listened to myself and went/did what felt “light” to me…even while disappointing others.