It IS Possible! 

I spent the last 5 days with friends…friends that came into my life because they were “brothers” with whom Tim served in Vietnam, and their wives. Thirteen of us around a large “round” table for 3 meals a day…exploring every topic you can imagine (and would be surprised at given the diverse perspectives of all the participants: the nature of war, politics (yes…even the current Presidential campaign), religion…

I would have thought people would shy away from these topics (I know some of them have in the past), fearful of offending others with differing perspectives. But no. Strong feelings? Yes…and…despite very strong feelings, we all were curious about others” perspectives, we all listened to and respected each other, and we all learned a lot of valuable information about perspectives of others.

Both Republicans and Democrats, for example, said they “didn’t know any (of the other party)” and “had never spent any time talking with any.: Indeed, they commented that they appreciated the opportunities to hear the other perspectives and to learn about each other. What an amazing example of POD and POCing judgment! Even by those who know nothing of Access! Such a rich and life-affirming experience.