Who does this belong to? 

Once again, with a gift from a client and his experience, I am learning that often (most often) what we are sensing and deciding are our own feelings, in fact are those of others – we are all energy…we are not really separate…and we pick up stuff from others (even Army experiments have shown we have “paranormal” sensitivities) – example: we may be agitated and not know why … it turns out someone near us is out of sorts about something; we may think we are tired when in fact we are picking up the fatigue of those around us.even those at a distance who are just plain tired of … you name it!. It doesn’t have to be someone close to us.

For example, lots of people are afraid about the election. When we are not aware, we can pick up the “collective anxiety” around us that impacts us as we go through our days. The key, then, is to be aware. And the best way to be aware…at least for starters…is to ask yourself “Truth, who does this belong to?” With practice (and without judging our instant answer when we ask ourselves that question and just “feel” whether, after asking it, we feel lighter or heavier. If we don’t go to our head and think about our answer…just allowing it to be known in an instant (light or heavy feeling…again without judgement of it),we can become much more aware of what is ours and what isn’t. Sometimes it may be we are picking up our partner’s anxiety about something, another’s anger at a situation, a friend’s frustration…. you get the picture. Just ask the question often (every time you feel a feeling) and wonder…allowing the instant barometer to surface and then say “thank you for that information”…acknowledge it. There’s nothing to do with it…just acknowledge it and that it isn’t yours. The more we do this the freer we get from emotions flying all around us, and the more we can live in awareness with much less effort in our lives.

But, whatever you do, don’t do this for 3 days 🙂