What Contribution Can We Be?

I know myself…at least I’ve always thought I did…and yet it seems I become more aware of who I am every day.

Many are posting on Facebook, protesting in the streets, or sitting in their living rooms yelling, cursing and otherwise commenting at their TVs…expressing their angst, their fears, their judgments about others who are “right” or “wrong.” The amount of energy being expended is staggering.

What would it be like if we would use that energy to contribute to the world? What if we chose different? What if we chose not to judge others and their points of view? What if we chose not to reject others…what if we chose not to align and agree with others…what if we chose to return all the consciousness that doesn’t belong to us, to those it belonged to…what if we gave it back to them?

What if we asked how we could be a contribution to the world? We each have our gifts. And we each have the capacity to receive from others. Our gift for others is who we are…and the gifts receive from others are who they are. What if the world were different just because we breathe and we are who we are?

So I say, fill your lungs with the gift you have been given…air…life…and BE YOU! …the contribution that keeps on giving as long as you are here.

Choose different…and the world will change…right before your eyes.