Month: December 2016

Living With Fiber

Living With Fiber  Threads of fiber are a lot like people. When they are agitated, they seek the familiar…move toward each other…cling to the closest…ever more tightly the more they are agitated….never reaching out beyond what they have found…beyond what they are familiar with…they refuse to separate…until finally to get them to separate, something drastic …

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December 19th, 2016

December 19th, 2016! “What can I contribute to my Body today that would be fun and nurturing for it?” I asked myself as I rolled out of bed, pulled on my “outside pants,” a warm down jacket, my ever-trusty neck warmer, and my thick felted mittens. Even a short walk would be fun..even if it …

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Remembering Who We Are!

Remembering Who We Are! “Who am I today?” I ask when I get up in the morning. “I wonder,” I think. I pause, on most days I remember…I’m an infinite being. “What’s that?” you might ask.  And I would tell you I learn more about what that is every day! I remember when I thought …

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