Remembering Who We Are!

“Who am I today?” I ask when I get up in the morning.

“I wonder,” I think.

I pause, on most days I remember…I’m an infinite being.

“What’s that?” you might ask.

 And I would tell you I learn more about what that is every day!

I remember when I thought I was a student…a wife…a community organizer ( a burr under the saddle of the powers that be)…a law student…a lawyer…a mentor…a healer…and now? When I’m not resisting, I realize I am all of those things…AND I am an artist. I say “when I’m not resisting,” because often my pattern is to hang on to what I was in the past…to accomplishments…to what made me feel recognized…to what made me feel that I had made a difference…had done something significant…something I can point to and say, “I did that.”

What if it didn’t matter what you did when you got up? Yes, there’s breakfast, getting kids off to school, planning and fixing meals, going to work, coming home, helping with homework, going to bed and sleeping. What if we recognized that what we do is a choice…our choice…of how we wished to create the life we live? After all, the truth is we do what we do because we choose it.

And then I remember who I am…I’m all of life’s experience. It’s all in me…all of it. I just express what I choose to .

Artist Corita Kent once said: “Not all of us are painters, but we are artists. Each time we fit things together, we are creating – whether it is tomato a loaf of bread, a child, a day, a life.”

So I say, let’s be who we be…the infinite beings…the energy of who we be…in all that we do. Just choose!

In the words of Access Consciousness Creator of Magnitude, Gary Douglas, “Create or Die!”