Younger Next Year #2 

 Have you ever found something you like to do…for all kinds of reasons? Spinning hooked me like that!

As a kid, I loved to “spin” or twirl fast in a circle like a whirling dervish. I’d spin and spin and spin… until I fell down in the grass.

As a fiber fanatic, I learned and love to spin fibers and make yarn for my projects. While my husband watches football games, I spin and spin and spin…often nodding off almost asleep…like a deep meditation.

Now I was learning yet another way to spin…on a Spin Bike. It mesmerized me in its own way. I could work through problems or concerns that were personal…or how to strategize an approach for a problem facing one of my a clients. And the side benefits were amazing. I returned to the weight of my 30s…AND…I was energized! What would it take for YOU to be Younger in 2017?

And so my routine blossomed…until the day they cut out our Tuesday Spin Class. “What?! How can this be?” I thought. And so I asked…and was told, “We don’t have enough Spin Instructors.”

“Well what does it take to be a Spin Instructor?” I asked…and learned it only took a day to go to an instructors’ class in either Chicago or Kalamazoo. Off I went…and the rest is herstory, so to speak.

I was getting better in all kinds of ways…

–    Physically I had more energy, was less tired. The shingles I had grown used to erupted less often and less dramatically. I didn’t get as sick as often (flu, colds, pleurisy…that I had experienced first in my 30s faded) –    Mentally I was sharper…more aware and observant…could think faster –    Emotionally I was more at ease with myself…worrying about stuff became less of a habit

“How could it get any better than that?!” a I wondered. I’m always curious about new things…and it gets even better!