“Through the Gate”

“Through the Gate”…that was the theme. The invitation to artists for the February show at the art gallery was to create works of art in honor of or suggesting a gate, a portal, or entranceway.

“Hmmmm,” I thought. Well, really, my choice came in a flash. The Vagina.,,the portal through which EVERYONE ON THE PLANET arrives.

I had just completed a class from a colleague on how to be grateful for my body…and in particular…my vagina.

In this class there wasn’t any “Oh let’s not talk about that,” or “I’m uncomfortable talking about that,” or “I’m too ashamed to talk about that,” or “That’s private. Good girls don’t talk about that.” This class for me was an invitation…to appreciate and honor a different part of me.

For a while now I have beenso grateful for my body…how after so many years on the planet, it seems to function better than ever. And I do tell it so. I thank my feet and legs for having carried me so far on my journey. I thank my arms and my hands for all the things they do for me, not the least of which are the touches and hugs I give and receive. I thank my heart for beating and pulsing blood throughout my body…m lungs for breathing, my eyes for seeing, my ears for hearing…I could go on and on.

But did I ever thank my Vagina?


“Well why not?”! I wondered.. Just looking back on all the pleasures…yes making love…and yes birthing 2 of my favorite people. “Now THAT is a portal worth honoring,” I thought.

And so it is. Come see my “Planet Portal” at the Southern Shore Art Association show “Through the Gate” that opens Friday February 3 from 5 – 8 in at 724 North Franklin in Michigan City, Indiana.

Hope to see you there!