Wednesday Nights 

What do I get out of Wednesday nights?

Every week is so very different and so full of contribution…to me and everyone else. it’s really difficult to use words  to match the gratitude I have for our “Gifting and Receiving” nights together. When things are not working or seem stuck in my life…I get to get rid of whatever is holding me back! It just disappears…like wiping the slate clean.

When things are amazing in my life…I get to ask for more of it! And it comes!

I’m surrounded by unique beautiful people every week with whom I can totally be myself…laugh…cry…share ideas…and nurture myself and others in so many ways!

So when people ask me if I’m available on Wednesday night to do something else…there’s NO hesitation. I always say No – That’s my time to Nourish my Body, my Being, and who ever else shows up!