It’s been going on for days…missing appointments because I logged them in on my calendar for a date a month ago (no problem…my colleague thought it was funny and “happens to everyone”)…misplacing my tax preparation documents (and then remembering the file I gave to the new President who took over my responsibilities)…aha!…that’s indeed where they were;…  And now…I’m wondering where my credit card is…(I’m not irresponsible…I DID check online to at least see that no one else is using my card.)…I used it Tuesday night to pay for dinner with a friend (I know that because I have the receipt)…and the next morning when I went to pay for something installed at my home, the card wasn’t in my wallet!

I called the restaurant and asked if they had it. No…was the response. The only card in the drawer where they keep forgotten credit cards didn’t have my name on it.

“What is this?” I ask.

What I get is that the universe is embracing me in chaos…showing me it’s not bad… as we all have been brainwashed to think it is…and…maybe it’s a good thing…in many ways. Ahhh…agility!

Ok…so I wrote those words in the afternoon.

And then I said to the universe: “OK…I’ve had enough! This credit card thing is over the top. “How can I move beyond this…NOW!,” I wondered.

Then about 5 PM I headed out because I thought an art exhibit was opening last night…duh…no…that would be next week (at least I assume so because NO ONE was there!) Just one last little tweak on the chaos spree.

And on my way home I was driving past the restaurant where I had dinner on Tuesday. “I’ll just stop in and check in with my friend Hugh,” I thought as I turned my care into the parking lot. “He’ll help me see if it really isn’t at the restaurant as I have been told.”

And…of course you guessed what happened…didn’t you? Hugh came rushing out when he heard I was there saying, “Oh my goodness, Suzy, you left your credit card here. Let me get your server for you.” Turns out the server put it carefully in an envelope and had been saving it for me. And so it goes…my life.

The best part is I DID check in to my knowing…and I DID listen…there was no urgency…nothing was telling me to report my card missing and go through all that! Checking in is good…and particularly important given the Carnival we live in!