Listening is Just a Choice

Do I listen…to myself?

Marrying him is not a good idea. Did…and I have 2 wonderful children because I made that choice.

Don’t eat that (2nd…3rd…) piece of cake…that would be last weekend…but what the heck…it was my birthday after all. Did…took a few days for my digestion to catch up.

Learn how to make paper! Did…time will tell but I’m thinking it was a very good thing.

Slow down! Stop pressing! Oh yes…and then there was that speeding ticket.

Take the path (not an easy one from the looks of it). Or be VERY careful climbing the boulders.

That was this morning…at the beach. OK…so I went over the boulders…and, clearly, not carefully enough! Result? Face plant into a rock…a very hard rock.

Well, ok. I see. There are lessons to be learned (experiences to be had) here…even at my age. And the most important (how many reminders have I had) is to LISTEN to MYSELF! Listen to my body. Listen to my being.

Truth is…I even asked: “Hmmm, which way?” It’s just that I forgot to listen fully…you know…the CAREFULLY part!

That being said, I DO have to say…that applying Access body processes that I’ve learned resulted in a miracle. There has been little if any swelling, and I’m well on the mend. I did receive a little help along the way. The miracles of modern medicine have their contribution too. Glue! That’s right…a doctor actually GLUED my skin in place so there won’t be scars from stitches (check with me in 10 days)!

I’m so grateful for all of it…all the experiences, all the reminders, and all the miracles. And I choose more…more of life…more experiences…and best of all…more awareness.

How about you?