How do I say “Thank You?” 

Every morning I wake up. I’m here…on Earth…”Hmmmm…who am I today?” I wonder. What energy, space, and consciousness can I be to be all I truly be?” I ask. “What can I contribute to today…to the Earth…to the universe…to everyone around me…to everyone I come in contact with? Where will my being take me today? What will show up in my life?”

It was asking those questions…repeatedly…that led me to expand how I played with animal fiber…then creating images with it…then showing occasional pieces in galleries around where I live…then being asked to do a solo show. And that, for me, was amazing. It (quite literally) brought all that I had ever done before now, up close and personal at the opening of the show.

What a gift to be able to see and be with all who had encouraged me over the course of my life. Who would have thought that fiber, the threads from animals, would bring me full circle. To see all parts of my life together in one room was amazing! Truly, for me, the fibers of animals are a gift…a true “coming together” of all the parts of myself!

So to all of you who came, whether on that day or another (the show remains up until July 3), and to all who weren’t able to come yet have supported me over the years, thank you, each and every one of you, from the entirety of my being.