Release the Brake! 

It’s amazing what an experience of total receiving can do…and, I’m asking to have more of that!

Recently I was offered a trip of a lifetime. I chose to receive it (please be assured I WILL say “yes” to receiving again!). I flew to Greece, explored Athens, including walking a local neighborhood with a fantastic guide, Eleni Loussi. (thank you I tasted the local experience…and yes, the authentic Greek salad; pastries including anything made with Phyllo dough, nuts, and honey; meats; cheeses…oh my the cheeses; all kinds of fish; lamb; sausages; oh yes, and the grape leaves and spinach…and did I forget the wine…delsh!…you get the picture.

I visited the Acropolis and went to Poseidon.2 hours  from Athens… Then I boarded a Greek sailing sip with 11 other friends for 9 days. Each couple had their own sleeping quarters.or should say stateroom. The Iraklis was staffed by a caring crew: a captain, an assistant captain, an engineer, a cook, and three delightful women who served us royally: made our beds, straightened up after us, prepared and served 4 course meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner, served us any kind of coffee we wanted from a French Press to a latte (I discovered a new trick of having mine with brown sugar…yum)…and the wine…delicious Sauvigion Blanc from Greece…delish…and some red that my husband relished.! It seemed it was a sin to allow any wine glass to empty!

And off we went, first through a canal and on into the Ionian Sea stopping in coves to swim, water ski, kayak, snorkel…and the shopping and occasionally eating in small Greek villages. Then returning to the Aegean Sea to visit Hydra (no cars, no motor cycles, all construction done on the backs of donkeys…I’ll be going back there!) and other villages.

And 2 weeks later I rose at 3:30 AM to head to the airport and home.

Something has shifted…something has moved me…a layer of doubt about “Can we do this? Can we afford that?” has left me. My question now is (that I have remembered…thanks to a dear friend) “If money and time were no object, would I _______?” If it feels “light” then YES!!

So, I say, bring it on…life and living…I’m here and eager to explore more of the world in all its splendor…the good the bad and the ugly! It’s here for you, too. Will you choose it?