Open Doors 

Hilarious…and delightful!

I mean…just how long have I been in business? And I’m just NOW getting who I am in business… Really?

I have a friend who is very gentle with me…she just says, “You know, you get it when you get it…and that’s a good thing!”

Yes it is…and I have found that in all of my life I keep “getting it” (whatever “it” is) one step at a time…do you think that’s the reason my dog is named Step…to remind me…to be patient with myself..and to be grateful for “getting the ahas I do get?”

 Just like the other day when I was at ArtPrize in Grand Rapids and one of the artist exhibits/events was a creation of an artist who was writing, for anyone who asked him, a “special something” on a page he tore from an old dictionary. So you ask: “What did he write for you?”

Gratitude is Fuel

You know I put that on my bathroom mirror!

So I got that…I really did…

And last week at the Co-opertising event in Merrillville, I had to introduce myself. So the day before I harkened back to the tool of the 30 Second Commercial that Kealah Parkinson taught me…and step by step (get it?) over 24 hours it simply fell in place…just in time to deliver my opening line: My passion is opening doors!

Deep down…really deep inside… my body reacted like a bell that had been rung…”Yes!” I thought. “That IS me…That IS who I am!”

And what was juicy for me in that moment…was that I didn’t care who else knew…or who responded to what I was saying…I was just grateful for my own awareness…about myself. For me it meant I could be who I am in the world…fully…game on!

So what does that mean?

I get to coach others. I get to give Bars sessions and classes (and yes, there IS a class 11/12…this SUNDAY 9-5…interested? Call or text me 219-229-1483), and I get to create my fiber paintings…all of which are my gifts that, I use to open doors for others!

Thanks for listening…and hope to be with you soon.


For those of you who are curious about the rest of the 30 Seconds:

I’m Suzy Vance…a born again lawyer…turned Life Coach. My passion is opening doors!

I provide coaching and adventures…getaway events that allow people to experience aspects of themselves they haven’t previously explored…while having fun and increasing their confidence at the same time.

Right now my target is kids from 5 – 15. Of course, young adults and other adults always are welcome as well.

Getaway experiences and events include everything from bread-making to nature immersion to quieting all the mind-chatter that’s present these days.

So talk with me…Suzy Vance, Life Coach. We can work together to open possibilities for young people you know.