Giving Myself Permission 

Something wonderful happens when you decide to “Level Up”…your way.

I cannot say how many organizations I have participated in because I thought someone else might know more than I did about how to “Level Up”…that is Level Up my business…Level Up my personal life…I mean truly…many adventures down roads following other people’s rules, suggestions, recommendations…thinking other people might know better than I what I required …to have more clients…more money…be happier…feel better…be healthier. I’m certain each and every one of us has been there at sometime in our lives.

This is not to say that those doing their best to share with us information about their way are wrong…certainly at least not for them. As a wise friend of mine says, “It’s just a choice…and all choices are your choice…and…you can always change your mind…it’s up to you…just choose!”

Well it seems the older I get the wiser I become…about what actually works for me. Yet every once in a while something happens to remind me that the moreI I trust myself…make my own decisions…observe myself…don’t rush…don’t push…and embrace myself by giving myself permission to just be me, the happier…yes more “productive”…and more adventurous I am.

Right now I’m basking in the Florida sun…staying with my niece while I attend a fiber retreat to learn something new. I registered at the beginning of 2019…with a little fear and trepidation…wondering: Could I do it? Was I good enough? Would it matter to anyone else (meaning would it impact my work with others)? Off and on I worried about this decision…you know…money, time, energy, skill. Yet something deep within me kept propelling me forward and would entertain no doubts…not even the ones about whether or not I would be able to see well enough to create what I was imagining…or be able to drive a rental car to my destination without becoming lost (eyesight challenges).

And you know what? I did it all…and beyond. I am so grateful for my Nuno-Felting teacher, Jean Gauger, who was laid back and allowed me to try all sorts of things…encouraging me every step of the way. I’m also grateful for the others in my class because I learned from them too. And, best of all, I have so many new ideas for projects in my head begging to be born…It’s only a matter of time.

Bottom line? I gave myself permission to do what I love…what spoke to me…to expand what I love, to embrace living without doubt…a feeling I hope I never forget!

On to the next adventure!