Color Me Green as I Step Into 2020!


Color Me Green As I Step Into 2020! 

My life suuuucks! 

I dont have time to do anything!I dont even know what I want to do 

What is this? Im frozen. What can I do?! Really!

Have you ever been here?

Its the pits to be stuck. At 42 Id been practicing law for 10 years. I was  a partnerI wore my suits every day… I tried to meet everyones expectations. When I gave myself a break, I could stand up and peer around the  edge of  my window. I could see an edge of the Picasso in Daley Plaza. In the summer people had fun at the farmers market,” I mused wistfully.  I was a hard worker… handling emergency court callsrepresenting people at war with their spouses or bossesI I got home lateI worked a loteven on weekends.

I carried a large calendarI just couldnt schedule anything unless I had a view of a whole month. My calendar was a blur of bluescribbles everywheresome things underlined (URGENT, of course)!some scratched outothers filling in the margins. Who am I?” I wondered. “ I cant even see myself in my calendar.

One dayI glommed on to a tool. A GREEN PEN. Little did I know it would save my life.

I began to color-code my calendar. I went back a month just to see what Id been doing. I circled work in REDyeahstoppay attentionthis schedule isnt easy to change. I circled general things in Bluecoffee with friendsvolunteer workdinners out… They were flexibleI could make any changes I want with Blue. Then there was GREEN.

GREEN for me means go”…just like a GREEN traffic light. I dont allow myself to change My GREEN scheduleno way! Once its thereI dont mess with it. GREEN is for meit feeds my curiositymy soulit restores the juice in my life!

I like to think of it this way: when I get on a plane, the first thing the stewardess says right before takeoff is, When the oxygen masks drop down, put yours on firstthen help someone else.” Bottom line? I have to be my own stewardess!making sure I honor my GREEN.

Slowly, as I used this tool, I discovered I got better resultsall around.

It looks like this: GREEN might mean I go see a psychicor a moviejust for fun, take a walk in the woods or Millennium Plaza, go to lunch with a friend, paint t-shirts, wander through art supply stores. All the receptionist and my secretary knew was I have a meetingIll be back at …” 

GREEN might mean visiting one of my children, skiing or having fun with my husband, visiting an old friend, attending a workshopdont think Continuing Educationthink Integrated Awareness”…like my first experience with the paranormal. 

I stretchedI left my routinemy comfort zonebehind. At first just a littlethen more ofteneventually falling in love with lifebut thats getting ahead of my story. Were just talking about toe in the water” right now.

You might wonder how I managed to do all this when judges wanted to schedule hearings, or partners or clients wanted a meetingalways urgent of course! Somehow whenever I said simply and with great fortitude, I have a conflictcant do it then,” no-one challenged me. They simply chose another date.

When I do good work, theyall of themwill wait. I just say, I’ cant do that until next week.” Trust me. They believed meas long as I believed myself. No need to explain.

I can hear you…“Yeah, rightshes her own boss. I have a 9 – 5 job.

Lookthis isnt rocket science. No excuses! Choose one thingONE POSITIVE THING. Schedule iton the weekendat nightor get up an hour earlier to take a walkread a bookpaintsomething YOU want to do for you. Whatever it isSchedule it! DO NOT INTERFERE with it. Stay focused and positive.  

You might try a mantra to intervene whenever you feel doubt creeping in. 


The Creator in me reveals
where I am to be
who I am to be
and what I am to do. 


The Creator in me reveals
the divine mission in me.
I accomplish my divine mission this day.
Im in the right placeat the right time
doing my Creators work. 


These work! They calm anxiety. Repeat themoftenuntil you own them… and they own you. 

The first time you hear yourself saying, I have a conflictcant change it,” is the scariestthe second, not so badby the third, youll begin to feel some ease creeping in. The more you own the GREEN in your life, the more ease youll feel. 

Gradually, one step at a time, bosses, partners, clients, familyall will begin to respect you and your boundaries. In factbefore long theyll be wanting to know how you stay so positive and do all you do. 

Help them focus on a positive stepout of their comfort zone… Give them a green pen! maybe even a mantra.  

Rememberpay attention to the comfort barometeropen to tools to shift whats happeningfocus on the positive 

You and the world will be better for it.

Happy 2020!