In the Midst of Adversity

In The Midst of Adversity

In The Midst of Adversity 

New ideas and new creations often arise during difficult times…never underestimate the benefits of adversity!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always been curious…looking beyond…asking ”What’s next?” “What will this [whatever this is] bring/do?” “What impact will this have?” Sometimes…what we think is going to be the result actually is. But often…even when we have a plan… stuff surfaces that we never imagined.

Some time ago I recall wondering if I was ever going to have time…TIME…time to do what I wanted to do…well….there you have it…I got what I wished for! How many other people have been wishing for this?

Here we are…in the face of a pandemic…all of us. It’s changed ALL our lives…some to greater extents than others.

The burning question that keeps running around in my mind: How have lives changed? What are we all doing? How are we exploring our creativity? What are we curious about? To this end, I have a new podcast: “In the Midst of Adversity.” I have short conversations with participants who are willing to explore with me what they’re up to and what’s changed for them? What’s different…at work…at home? Do they have different/ or new priorities? I want to explore all this through conversations and insights.

If you know someone who would be willing to chat with me online, please be sure and let me know. And if not, sharing your own thoughts in writing would be most welcome!

Stay calm, collected…and most of all…STAY CURIOUS!