Lighting a Fire

Lighting a Fire

Lighting a Fire

I know it’s been a while…since June of this year. I’d like to say I’ve been evolving…”cooking” my life, so to speak. Every once in a while…especially when the pot seems to be boiling over…it’s just good to go inside…to check in with myself…re-calibrate…shed…and then come out “clean”…ready to share myself with the world again. So here I am!

While COVID has been challenging for everyone, I have come to realize there have been some benefits for me. Like many, one of my learning curves has been online. I never would have imagined that I would develop a video podcast. That’s exactly what has happened. And I’m ready to introduce you to Creating from the Heart: The Artistry of Living.

The story behind this creation:
I’ve always been a “connector.” At least that’s what people tell me. I just seem to connect one person to another who will help them do whatever they are looking to do.

Over the years I’ve done a wide variety of things…as a lawyer, a coach, a creator of team-building for groups, a supporter of non-profit organizations with missions near and dear to my heart. As I’ve moved through life, I’ve learned that what I’m about is celebrating people’s talents. When PBS in South Bend interviewed me a year or so ago, the last question asked was, “If you could leave a legacy, what would that be?” My answer, without a hesitation: “I’d like to be remembered as someone who lit another person’s fire.”

I almost didn’t hear myself at the time. Eventually, this comment came back to me…to my awareness. I realized I’d been talking to myself. By the time this answer finally got my attention, I’d helped a colleague develop a series of video podcasts relating to his Microsoft Teams expertise. I’d developed some of my own videos to introduce the public to artists who exhibit at a local gallery. I’d also created videos interviewing collaborators who saved our lake front road from being washed away by Lake Michigan in the town in which I live. Each of these serendipitous steps had given me confidence as an interviewer. Besides…I LOVED it! It was so much FUN getting to know more about all kinds of people.

Hmmm… As this all evolved, I began to wonder if I could create a video podcast series celebrating something I’ve always held near and dear to my heart (and have carried a slip of paper with it in my purse for at least 30 years). Sister Corita Ken once said:

We all do this every day.
We are not all painters…but we ARE artists.
Each time we fit something together, whether it’s a loaf of bread, a child or a life, we are creating.

And then I remembered what I had said on PBS. “I’d like to be remembered as someone who lit another person’s fire.”
Hmmm…maybe I could do short interviews of people that had said “YES” to their dreams…who had said “YES” when an opportunity presented itself…said “YES” to what was near and dear to their heart…whether it was to be a realtor, chef, artist in a medium they love, newspaper publisher, policeman…you get the drift. I thought these video podcasts could be the inspiration they needed, the “permission slips,” for people to follow their dreams…to say “YES” to what’s calling them.!

I found some people who said “YES” they would help me do this…and I embarked on my project.

I hope you enjoy Creating from the Heart…the Artistry of Living.

And if there is anyone in particular that you know who would be willing to share their story, please let me know!