In Honor of Fall – The Turning of the Season!

This morning I found myself walking through the forest in Beverly Shores. I’m always so inspired by the trees as the sun passes through the trunks, branches and leaves. Makes me feel as if I can extend my own roots into the ground below…somehow brings me back to myself…calms me down and gives me a new beginning. Fall is my favorite season…the time in nature when we celebrate the harvest of our year, say goodbye to the warmth of the sun, and planting the seeds for the coming year…2023 this time.

When I arrived home again, at the bottom of my steps I encountered an area in my garden still full of weeds. I’ve been doing pretty well. I’ve gotten rid of LOTS of Euonymus (please don’t be upset with me Terry Bonace, I was just a beginner when I thought it was a good idea. Now I know better.). It spreads everywhere! It takes over everything else. I DON’T want to have it in my garden anymore! I’ve been doing pretty well (and I’ve had some great help with Terry Volz’ crew!). Over the past month we have pulled and pulled and pulled…and then planted a few things…and then mulched and mulched. Whew!

As I was moved to weeding this morning, I began to reflect on the parallels of life. Weeding is required in EVERY part of life.

Yesterday I weeded my desk. The week before I weeded my files. That’s why my desk needed weeding! It seems as if life also needs weeding and pruning once in a while. When you get to be my age, weeding may even become a more frequent routine…not just an “every once in a while” event.

Before my files, it was my books. Before that it was my closets. By the way, I did learn a great trick a few years back about closets. Every fall I turn the hangers “backward”…you know, the hook faces out toward you when you open the closet. The trick is that when you wear something, you have to take it off the hanger. When you put it back in the closet, turn the hanger around so the hook is facing in toward the back of the closet. When the year runs out, you can see what you actually used…and…maybe…it’s time to pass on the ones not worn!

And then there’s also one’s life that requires weeding…ending relationships that have become outmoded, ending projects that are complete or…that it’s obvious you will n ever finish!

All this weeding seems to happen in my garden and in my life at the same time. It’s as if my garden, my desk, my closet…reflect what is going on inside me…a clearing out of sorts. I feel so great when I go through one of these cycles. I feel “clean” again. I have new clarity. I’m ready to work more effectively with what remains and gives me joy…and often there’s even room to receive something new that finds me. I have to be awake, aware, and unencumbered, as Elizabeth Gilbert* would say, for a new something to find me.

So weed on! Have a happy fall…weeding out what no longer requires your attention or attracts your interest…and planting seeds for what will bring you joy in 2023!

* Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert