february is haiku month

Will You Be My Valentine?

February is the month of Valentine’s Day…a day dedicated to the poetry of love. But…did you know…February is National Haiku Writing Month! Well then…let’s celebrate it! Let’s write a Haiku…maybe even every day of February…what fun would that be? I’ve been doing this…writing Haiku on and off (not every day…well nobody’s perfect 🙂 ) over …

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my life portfolio

My Portfolio

When I was young in the summers, I changed my clothes many times each day…from running around and playing in the forest clothes…to going swimming clothes…to waiting on tables clothes…to swimming clothes again…to waiting on tables clothes again…to playing kick-the-can clothes…to prayer service clothes…to beach picnic clothes or playing kick-the-can clothes again…getting into bed clothes…to …

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Ep. 46: Harrison (Harry) Holtkamp | The Pillars of Interfaith Community PADS

Dedication. Dignity. Determination. These are the pillars of Interfaith Community PADS (Public Action to Deliver Shelters). Today I speak with Harrison Holtkamp about his journey to becoming director of this incredible, and much-needed, organization. When Harry first started volunteering, it was a grass-roots organization that only served unhoused men. Now it has grown into a …

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