Ep. 59: Cameron Altaras | Resistance, and Resources for Healing

This week I have a powerful and profound conversation with Cameron Altaras. Cameron has a passion to “explore truth in the intersections of self, art, philosophy and religion.”

Cameron recently co-edited and published the book entitled “Resistance: Confronting Violence, Power and Abuse within Peace Churches.” Growing up in a Mennonite community, she is now examining how the theology, and its power, shaped her life. She hopes those who read the book, a collection of stories of personal and systemic violence and betrayals when theology is weaponized, will use it as a resource for healing.

Read more about it here: https://www.amazon.com/Resistance-Confronting-Violence-within-Churches/dp/0936273585?

Cameron’s passion is her website, where she explores the deep subjects of spirituality, existence, and what it means to be a woman raised within settings that keep women silent. “I’m back to my first love, which is expressing through word, poetry, sound, music…these deep longings.” Experience her polyphonic poetry here: https://www.vocem-redisuum.com