least expect it

Just When I Least Expected It…

For more than two years now, I’ve been hosting a video podcast called Creating From the Heart: The Artistry of Living. The focus of this endeavor is to encourage people to tell their stories about how they have found ways to do work they love…work that makes them eager when they get up every morning. I believe these stories foster the curiosity in others and encourage them to explore…take risks…and say “yes” to opportunities they believe will bring them joy.

From my point of view, finding work we love is a life-long adventure…not because we never find it, rather because IT finds US…over and over again. It’s as if we’re butterflies. First, one flower is before us…we engage…we love it…we touch it all over…we explore it. As we do this something shifts…we turn around…we move in a different direction…we spot another flower…it invites our attention…again we engage…and again we move to yet another. And so it goes. We, as human beings, are butterflies of a sort.

My life has shifted and changed like this professionally…from community organizing, to law, to mediation, to coaching, to mentoring projects…and, most recently…through a comedy of curious circumstances…to becoming a video podcaster. For me, I must say, these shifts and changes keep getting better and better. They bring me…and I hope others…more and more fun and joy.

With this new project though, I decided to be cautious. I don’t like being behind or under pressure, so I prepared 15 episodes before I ever launched this project. I didn’t want to be caught without an episode… ever.

I began in January 2021 and eventually launched in June.

At first, cautiously, I released one every other week. This seemed like a good pace. As it unfolded, wherever I went I seemed to connect with people I wanted to know more about, so I asked them to do an episode. After a few more months, I had so many video podcasts waiting to air and so many people who wanted to see and hear their own episode, that I began to release them each week. While this backlog continued to build, I also began to wonder if and when anyone would be curious and ask me…rather than my asking them…to do one.

Time has gone by. I’m almost at the two-year mark. Yet no one has been asking and only a few have been suggesting a potential interview…until THIS MORNING! My dream came true. At the Michigan City Chamber Coffee Connections (a free networking event not to be missed if you live in town) people asked me to do a video podcast with them!…lots of people!

Just when I least expected it, something has shifted…the universe has said “yes!” to my dream…a podcast that celebrates the creativity that lies deep within each of us…waiting to be seen and heard… in our stories that celebrate our contributions to the world in which we live.

All I can say is Thank you!…to each and every one who has “liked” these episodes, has shared them, and now has volunteered to share their own story or suggested someone else who will!