Ep. 67: Laura Gutwziller | Being Open to New Things

Sometimes, it’s just about being open to trying something new. ✨

My guest this week is Laura Gutzwiller, (Felting by Laura)! Laura always wanted to be an artist growing up but would eventually find herself in college studying physical therapy. For years she didn’t have an artistic outlet, and even convinced herself that she “wasn’t good enough.” But reaching a point of burnout as a personal trainer, she wandered the aisles of Michael’s, and found herself drawn to what she deemed the strangest thing in the store – a needle felting kit for a small hedgehog!

Laura found the process therapeutic, and it ignited the creative flame that had been dormant. She finds inspiration from everything around her, but especially nature. In addition to her beautiful artistry, she now shares her love of the art form by teaching classes to a wide range of ages.

You can learn more about Laura here: www.feltingbylaura.com
IG: @feltingbylaura