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Join Me and 20 Other Powerful Women for this 21-Day Women Empowering Online Event!

As a woman in this day and age I know how difficult it can be to find the confidence and strength to live tin the way we’ve always wished to live… in the face of well-meaning (or not so well-meaning) resistance…or advice contrary to, the choices we know in the depth of our being are right for us. It’s not always easy to create the space required to explore the options that call to us in different areas of our life: spiritual, emotional, mental and physical health; home care, family life, pet care, or financial health.

I remember when I thought I wouldn’t live if I didn’t make a change in my marriage…later in my work…ultimately choosing myself…not just once but a number of times. It’s like putting on our own oxygen mask first…before helping others. Shifts and pivots are not for the meek. Life is challenging. What matters is that we feed our curiosity…we explore what else is possible…especially when we’re in a deep, dark place (and when we’re happy, as well, by the way). What matters is that we discover (continuously) who we are and what we can do to bring more of ourselves into the world. When we do this, we have to power to help others and make the world a better place. This is the reason I’m so happy my friend Cherilyn Soto told me (and invited me to participate) she’s hosting an interview series all around the topic of empowering women.

This is for women who are ready to be who they are…to shift and pivot in ways that have been calling to them. These are changes in lifestyle, and quality of life that align them with their values and make all the difference in the power with which they show up in every area of their lives.

21 women have come together to empower other women, to encourage them to discover their voices, freedom, and to fire them up so they can own that unstoppable energy that is their birthright, and be an example and inspiration to others.

This is the kind of information and support I wish I’d had when making some of my difficult decisions. This is the reason I’m so grateful Cherilyn put this mastermind together.

Cherilyn’s series actually was born out of her own adversity, and her desire to help women by surrounding them with a powerful, inspiring and encouraging mastermind of women who have walked the walk themselves and can help show that it is indeed possible, and share some of their experiences, insights and tips. There’s nothing like the strength that comes from a community of like-minded women coming together to empower each other!

The 21 Day Mastermind Summit is called:
Mama Bear Family Care: 42 Inspired Steps to Create Dynamic Eco-Friendly Living for Your Family

Here’s a complimentary ticket for you to attend. You can register using this link.

You’ll be able to watch from anywhere on your Smart TV, computer or mobile device.

Grateful for your interest and wishing you peace in your life and in the world,

Suzy Vance