Ep. 72: Steve Forker “In Service of Community”

This week Suzy is joined by Steve Forker, Michigan City Police Chief. Growing up, he was exposed to law enforcement, as his father worked for the Department of Corrections for over 36 years. Steve started in the DOC but knew after three years that he wanted to work in more of a community-facing position.

As a young rookie, he was first tasked with midnight shifts. Craving a change after 8 years in the position, he moved to the detective bureau where he learned the other side of policing – building cases, and strong time management skills. He was moved to a day shift policing position and eventually became a Student Resource Officer where he found his niche. He found the relationship building with the students in the high school very rewarding and still believes it is one of the most important aspects of policing.

Eventually, Steve was moved to the Division of Professional Standards. When the position for Chief of Police was open, Steve didn’t apply. But he was nominated by his colleagues and now spends his days advocating for the Michigan City Police Department.

In his free-time, Steve has been a high school football coach for 20+ years.