Ep. 74: Katie Bieber “A Voice of a Different Kind”

How does one transition from performing on the operatic stage to becoming a full-time writer? This week as I chat with Katie Bieber, content writer and SEO Specialist at JCMA Inc. From a young age, Katie’s home was filled with music. Never missing a chance to perform in school plays or local theaters, the performance bug bit early. But what was truer to her introverted nature was to spend hours in her room writing. From short stories to teenage angst, pen on paper offered an outlet where she felt her creativity truly flow.

Katie spent 11 years as a professional opera singer, working at esteemed institutions like Lyric Opera of Chicago. But when the pandemic hit, the entertainment industry greatly suffered. The pause offered a chance to reflect on her priorities, and she eventually found herself saying “yes” to a new course in life, one that now rings true to the essence of who she really is.