Ep. 76: Matthew Carroll – “The Process of Mediation”

“The minute a divorce is filed, the system pins mom against dad…that doesn’t help children, that doesn’t help families, and that doesn’t promote good co-parenting moving forward. Mediation promotes healthy communication, healthy co-parenting. We don’t have to fight, we just have to have some hard conversations.”

This week I speak with Matthew Carroll, a mediator at Keystone Mediation. A former professional opera singer for 19 years at the Lyric Opera Chicago, he was asked to serve on a negotiating committee to negotiate a new contract, where he quickly got his feet wet to the world of positional bargaining. He was amazed that when the federal mediator joined the conversation, things started to get accomplished.

Matthew was enthralled by the process, went back to school, and is now a full-time mediator. He helps his clients by providing a wide array of services including Divorce Mediation, Interpersonal Mediation, Parenting Coordination, Landlord-Tenant Disputes, Workplace Mediation, and more. His clients often remark on how comfortable, personalized, and peaceful the mediation process is.