Suzy Vance Ep. 82: David Lawson “Like Spending Two Days at the Beach”

Did you know there is a salt cave in Chesterton, Indiana? Completely man-made, this beautiful space contains more than 20,000 pounds of pink Himalayan salt. This week I am joined by David Lawson from Evexia Salt Cave & Spa in Chesterton, Indiana!

It all started when his sister-in-law was suffering from a sinus infection. After visiting a salt cave, she found immediate relief and started researching salt caves and their history, which is quite storied. Eventually she decided that the Chesterton community could benefit from its own salt cave, and Evexia (which means wellness in Greek) was born!

Join my conversation with David to learn more about the amazing benefits of dry salt therapy (also known as halotherapy) which works to aid respiratory concerns, inflammation, skin conditions, stress, and fatigue. It is anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and super absorbent into your skin.

Learn more about all of Evexia’s salt cave offerings which include yoga in the salt cave, sound therapy, and even hypnotherapy by visiting their website or Facebook page. In addition to the salt cave, they also offer spa services like the ionic foot detox, a full spectrum infrared sauna, electrolysis, facials, massages, and more!