Suzy Vance ep. 83 Maia Glass: “When People See that You Believe in Yourself, They Believe in You”

Join me this week as I chat with Maia Glass, founder of Teensy Greens! In 2023, faced with unexpected challenges, Maia turned her life around by starting Teensy Greens after the passing of her grandmother and a sudden job loss. Teensy Greens, a microgreens haven, offers baby edible plants packed with 40x the nutrition and antioxidants! Maia’s dedication to better health and a balanced diet shines through in every Teensy Green.

Serving joy, health, and freshness, Maia shares her passion through Farmers Markets, door-to-door deliveries, and personal sales. You can find Teensy Greens at Washington & 8th at the Michigan City Farmers Market (closed until April), or visit! 🛒

🌱 You can also follow Teensy Greens on IG and TikTok (@teensygreensthefarm) where you can learn more about Maia’s growing and cleaning process and witness her dedication to quality. Join the Teensy Greens community and elevate your meals with these nutrient-packed microgreens!