Suzy Vance Ep. 86: Abby Stewart “Serving the Community”

This week’s episode of “Creating from the Heart: The Artistry of Living” features Abby Stewart, a dedicated individual making a positive impact in our community.

Abby works with the homeless population at The Nest which provides a safe and warm environment for the homeless at night. As the Volunteer Coordinator, Abby currently leads a team of 20 individuals that help ensure guests are not only provided with a safe place to sleep, but also hot meals, clean clothes, hygiene products, and a listening ear for anyone who walks through the doors. Additionally, The Nest is dedicated to helping those who are struggling with homelessness find hope and resources for a better tomorrow.

With the support of volunteers, local hospitals, and grocery stores, The Nest is able to feed 40 people every night. The community’s generosity plays a crucial role in making this initiative a success.

Join us in recognizing Abby Stewart and The Nest for their incredible work.