Evelyn Hernandez Water Safety

Suzy Vance Ep. 87: Evelyn Hernandez “A Passion for Water Safety”

In this week’s episode of “Creating from the Heart: The Artistry of Living,” we learn more about the incredible advocacy journey of Evelyn Hernandez, Healthcare Director at Genentec. Now a resident of Beverly Shores, Evelyn shares a heart-wrenching experience from June 12, 2012, when a beach outing turned tragic. Her boyfriend drowned in a rip current, while Evelyn was rescued by a bystander. This traumatic experience sparked Evelyn’s transformation into a passionate water safety advocate.

Determined to make a difference, Evelyn works tirelessly to unite families, communities, and friends to discuss water safety best practices. Did you know there have been 57 drownings in Indiana’s Lake Michigan since 2010? As a volunteer with the Great Lakes Surf Rescue Project, Evelyn supports a nonprofit tracking drownings in all the Great Lakes. Having been rescued herself, she now collaborates with families of survivors, playing a pivotal role in passing the Lake Michigan Rescue Equipment Act in Illinois.

Last year, Bill 424 was submitted to Indiana, aiming to have life rings on all Indiana beaches. Despite unanimous support, the bill was cut by Representative Lindauer. But here’s the exciting part – after persistent efforts and collaboration with water safety experts, it’s back on the agenda!

Evelyn and her team are set to testify, advocating for life rings on Indiana’s beaches. Let’s support this vital cause and help raise awareness about rip currents and drowning prevention.