womens rights

When…If not NOW

Will I be dead when women have as many rights as men in this country? The first introduction of the proposal that women should be allowed to vote was made in 1878. It took until 1919 (41 years later) for the House of Representatives (voting 304 to 89) and the Senate (voting 56 to 25) …

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Suzy Vance EP. 93: John Ryszka

This week’s episode of “Creating from the Heart: The Artistry of Living” features the incredible glass artist John Ryszka. From his earliest memories of creativity at his grandmother’s table to discovering his passion for glass blowing in college, John shares his inspiring journey into the world of glass art. Hear how serendipitous moments led him …

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Suzy Vance EP. 92: Twila Harvest

Join us this week as we dive into the remarkable journey of Twila Harvest, a true beacon of resilience and creativity. Twila’s path into crafting custom wigs began with her own battle with alopecia, igniting a passion to redefine traditional wig-making. Dissatisfied with mass-produced options, she embarked on a quest to create something extraordinary. Drawing …

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