Suzy Vance EP. 92: Twila Harvest

Join us this week as we dive into the remarkable journey of Twila Harvest, a true beacon of resilience and creativity. Twila’s path into crafting custom wigs began with her own battle with alopecia, igniting a passion to redefine traditional wig-making. Dissatisfied with mass-produced options, she embarked on a quest to create something extraordinary. Drawing from her background as a cosmetologist, Twila mastered the intricate art of ventilation, a technique used in the opera and film industry to achieve a natural look. With painstaking attention to detail, she meticulously crafts each wig, using real hair and specialized tools to ensure a perfect fit and appearance.

What sets Twila apart is her profound empathy and dedication to her clients’ well-being, evident in her work with burn victims, chemotherapy patients, and those experiencing hair loss due to various causes. Through her expertise, Twila not only restores outward beauty but also fosters inner confidence and self-assurance.

For consultations and more about Twila’s transformative work, visit or call (219) 814-6210.

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