Suzy Vance EP. 98: V.R. Sheets

This week Suzy Vance sits down with V.R. Sheets, owner of GnC Vacs. From stumbling into the vacuum cleaner industry by accident in 1962 to running his own business since 1989, V.R.’s journey is a testament to resilience and passion. At 81 years young, he’s still deeply involved with his business and continues to inspire with his wisdom and zest for life.

When he’s not working, V.R. rejuvenates through sailing – a hobby he’s loved since 1972. He’s sailed across Lake Michigan countless times and has captained over 20 trips in Key West and the Caribbean. Talk about an adventurous spirit!

His advice? V.R., a recovering alcoholic who hasn’t had a drink in 32 years, emphasizes the power of determination: “You’re not stuck. You can always be better than you are. An extraordinary person is just an ordinary person with an extraordinary amount of determination.”