life flows

Have You Turned Your Faucet On?

It occurred to me the other day that life is like a faucet…nothing comes out…there is no flow…unless we turn it on…open the spigot.. and, amazingly…the more we turn it on…open up the spigot,…the greater the flow!

And…of course…if we’re lucky, there’s the choice of hot…cold…or in between.

Some days if feels as if I’ve opened up the faucet way too much! There’s a flood!…too many commitments…too many people counting on us…fears of “Can I handle this?” fly in and unsettle me. “You asked for this,” my husband responds to my angst.

Other days it might feel like I have to call a plumber…you know…when it feels as if the pipes are all clogged…nothing is happening! The best is when we have a nice steady stream…right?……at the perfect temperature of course. Yet…who really has that, anyway?

Lately I’m feeling as if something has shifted…maybe my pipes were rotor-rooted!

That being said…things are moving! And so have we.

By the end of January, we moved to a small compound called Edgewood Forest at 414 Autumn Trail in Michigan City, Indiana. We’re still near Lake Michigan, and we are part of a community we know well. Tim continues to deliver Meals on Wheels in Michigan City as he has done for years…stopping one day a week at Carlson’s Hot Dog Stand on his way home a few blocks away. He does give me a call as he’s heading that way, and sometimes I meet him and walk across the street to get a Bubbles ice cream cone (LaTe Da is my favorite in a chocolate-dipped waffle cone :). I’m still doing my video-podcasts and volunteering for the Beverly Shores Museum and Art Gallery. Life is good.

I began last year…letting go…going through closets…will I ever wear that again? Maybe someone else would wear this…I haven’t worn it in years! I could tell because year after year the hook of the hanger is still facing out…demonstrating loudly and clearly that I hadn’t worn it in the past year…if I had, the hook of the hanger would have been turned around facing in!

And, yes, there are the books…I must admit I do have my favorites that I cannot seem to let go of…books like Andy and the Lion, Women Who Run with Wolves, and Thousand Pieces of Gold. Then I just think. “Will I ever really read this again?” If it’s “No,” then down on my permanent list of memories it goes (so, yes, I can find it again if I ever wish to), but the item will be cherished by a new reader in the meantime. That being said, these three are cherished and re-read every once in a while.

My bottom line is: “If I were moving from here to New York City…or Los Angeles…would I take this (whatever it is) with me?” This question “cleans out my pipes” so to speak…very quickly…when I’m honest.

I have to say, I did cheat a little.

I used to have a large room in our house in the dunes where I played with fiber, sat at my desk writing, preparing for Toastmasters, and doing my video podcasts. When we embarked on our move, I began to sort and decide what would go where. Fortunately for me, several years before our move, St. Mary’s Church that had closed its elementary school, began to lease old classrooms to artists along with a food pantry and a re-sale shop. I have been blessed to rent what is now called Studio #10…an entire classroom that accommodates my enormous stash of fiber for spinning, weaving and felting, along with space for meetings and video-podcasts. Such a blessing! This space supports and accommodates all aspects of my creative efforts…and it’s much more centrally located for those coming to my space to do things like attend a class or share a video-podcast on Creating from the Heart – The Artistry of Living.  You’ll find me at 326 West 10th Street often!

I’m doing my best to adjust my spigot these days…gauging the hot and cold depending on what I want to accomplish.,,a showing of my art in Crown Point, Indiana beginning in August…exercising my speaking muscle whether at Singing Sands Toastmasters or elsewhere in northwest Indiana…feel free to call if you would like an inspirational speaker.

Life is good…flowing along. Hoping this finds all of you happy, healthy and having fun with whatever you are engaged in these days!