Welcome Your Potential
Access Bars®

Expand…see more of you in the world.

When you are ready for more of you to show up in the world… with more ease than you ever thought possible…I invite you to give the “Bars” a try.

For over 40 years I have been curious about the body and energy, and have used a variety of techniques and tools to support myself and my clients. One of these techniques I have found to have a powerful, positive, and lasting impact is the Bars®.

With the “Bars” I’ve observed there is more ease with any transition and often there are unexpected and welcome shifts and benefits.

What Are the Bars®?

The Bars® are 32 points on your head. When they are touched, lightly and gently, the body relaxes and becomes more open. Often people feel less anxious, less stress, less depression. They have fewer aches, fewer body pains, and many feel less overwhelmed by life. And…if they already feel good…they feel even better!

You receive and:

  • You receive and:
  • Become more creative
  • Become more confident and self-assured
  • Become more resourceful
  • Have more ease and fun in life…and more…
Learn More About Access Bars
Discover what occurs in the brain before and after an Access Bars® session, as presented by neuroscientist Dr. Jeffrey Fannin.

Learn more about what the Access Bars® can do for you from Access Consciousness.
What People Say About the Bars
"Bars truly changed my life. I have been able to sleep through the night for the first time in years. I am so grateful to your for introducing me to the Bars."
"When I got home, I slept for 3 hours. This is very unusual for me, but I was just sooo relaxed. I also have noticed I'm thinking of doing 2 things that I never thought I would consider doing again: one is going to immigration court for a client; the other is being open to a romantic relationship again."
"Your room, the kindness and your touch made such a difference in me...experienced soft revelations the next day. Thank you!"
"Thank you for our session yesterday. It helped me immensely. I immediately felt calm and the nervous colitis I've been plagued with for the past 2 weeks is gone! I had a great rest of the day and felt as if you had given me a deep tissue massage in my shoulders. I'm so grateful."
"It was a wonderful session!!! I can't thank you enough...really...I'm hooked! I feel better than ever and freer in my thinking. I have no pain in my body!"
"Just wanted to say thank you again. I feel so much more calm and happy. I was describing the experience to my husband and realized that I felt many times like I was meditating and fell into the gap of no thought but also not asleep."
"Such a phenomenal experience...touched me deeply. You are very gifted!"
"I'm home today. I feel like this is the most life-affirming thing I have done for myself. Perhaps these sessions have helped me see what I wanted to do to have a joyful life."
"I can't thank you enough for my time with you today. As predicted, my daughter had tons of questions...she even said I seemed to have more energy and was more relaxed!"
"I can be in the company of many people and find that I’m not triggered by points of view that others have that I don’t. For example, my parents, my brothers and sister, some of my co-workers. Thank you so much!"
"Each time I come to you, it seems that my line gets easier. The Bars are amazing. I’m so happy I found you!"
"It’s like the Bars have given me parts of myself I never knew before. Thank you!"
"Such peace I feel when I get off your table. And my life feels smooth as silk."
"I don’t know how it happens, but the Bars are helping me heal aches and pains in my body that I never thought would be possible. Thank you for being here for me."
"I don’t know what happens. What I do know is that I’m different. I’m more at peace with who I am."
Experience Access Bars
I invite you to schedule an individual Access Bars® session with me. Each session lasts approximately one hour at my home and studio in Beverly Shores, Indiana.

Contact me to schedule an appointment.