Living with an overbite

Living with an Overbite

I was born with one…or at least it showed up when my “permanent” teeth arrived. It was reminiscent of my mother physically. She had all her upper teeth pulled as an adult and replaced with false teeth to correct her “overbite” problem. Yes, I too, developed an overbite. It’s one of those bites where the …

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Two Women and Their Needles

Needles…needles…needles…I have been thinking about needles and how they save my life. First, it was knitting needles…my mother was an amazing knitter. When I was growing up, I’d always see her making sweaters. She made them for everyone in her family…each of her children, there were four of us who were recipients of her sweaters,..and …

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We Are in This Together

Back in the late ’80s I was wondering what it would take for the world to be a peaceful place…for everyone to be happier..for there to be peace in the world. After all, I was a lawyer helping families in deep distress and employers and employees in conflict at work. Litigating who was right and …

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