Suzy Vance

Up Close and Personal

  stillness, reflection challenging times, silencing open, receiving what is important notice, here, now, see clearly awareness, treasure   Up Close and Personal  Confined? Space limited? Missing friends? Colleagues? What’s it been like in these challenging times, I wondered. What have I noticed in this “stillness”?  Today I’m sharing three gifts of my own awareness. While …

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Giving Myself Permission

Giving Myself Permission  Something wonderful happens when you decide to “Level Up”…your way. I cannot say how many organizations I have participated in because I thought someone else might know more than I did about how to “Level Up”…that is Level Up my business…Level Up my personal life…I mean truly…many adventures down roads following other …

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A Memoir in 17 Syllables

When my mother died, I discovered that seventeen syllables, when strung together to create a haiku, can tell you more about a person than you’d ever expect.

Slow Down

Deep into holiday celebrations…what are you doing for you? No matter what age you are, here’s a new…well, not so new…tool: Pause…and…Breathe…    

Magic…All Around!

Magic…All Around  I went to bed around 10:00 PM Monday night. I was filled with weaving…yes…I’m weaving again! I relish weaving…always an indication that things are easy in my world. I love seeing something unfold. It’s never as I imagined. I mean I’ve had that silk yarn forever! Every time I’ve tried to knit something …

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Time to Blossom!

Time to Blossom! A cursory look at my career timeline would tell you that I’ve made a lot of choices…shifts and changes…along the way. In the beginning there was community action…meetings (many meetings) about fair housing and other civil rights issues. When that didn’t change much in my community, following the example of those who …

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