Stoking My Fire

Stoking My Fire Every ten years or so a friend of mine gathers a group of friends and heads out on a sailing adventure. First it was the Virgin Islands…then Turkey…then Greece. This time it was Tahiti!  Talk about stepping away from your routine! And then the question: “Should we go during a pandemic?” We …

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Lighting a Fire

Lighting a Fire I know it’s been a while…since June of this year. I’d like to say I’ve been evolving…”cooking” my life, so to speak. Every once in a while…especially when the pot seems to be boiling over…it’s just good to go inside…to check in with myself…re-calibrate…shed…and then come out “clean”…ready to share myself with …

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In the Midst of Adversity

In The Midst of Adversity  New ideas and new creations often arise during difficult times…never underestimate the benefits of adversity! I don’t know about you, but I’ve always been curious…looking beyond…asking ”What’s next?” “What will this [whatever this is] bring/do?” “What impact will this have?” Sometimes…what we think is going to be the result actually …

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Uncharted Territory

Uncharted Territory   I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely living in un-chartered territory! Hopefully the future will welcome all of us with gifts we haven’t imagined. But for now…here we all the midst of shifts and changes…all demanding much from each of us. When change is upon me, one of the things I do…by …

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Up Close and Personal

  stillness, reflection challenging times, silencing open, receiving what is important notice, here, now, see clearly awareness, treasure   Up Close and Personal  Confined? Space limited? Missing friends? Colleagues? What’s it been like in these challenging times, I wondered. What have I noticed in this “stillness”?  Today I’m sharing three gifts of my own awareness. While …

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Giving Myself Permission

Giving Myself Permission  Something wonderful happens when you decide to “Level Up”…your way. I cannot say how many organizations I have participated in because I thought someone else might know more than I did about how to “Level Up”…that is Level Up my business…Level Up my personal life…I mean truly…many adventures down roads following other …

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A Memoir in 17 Syllables

When my mother died, I discovered that seventeen syllables, when strung together to create a haiku, can tell you more about a person than you’d ever expect.