Ep. 76: Matthew Carroll – “The Process of Mediation”

“The minute a divorce is filed, the system pins mom against dad…that doesn’t help children, that doesn’t help families, and that doesn’t promote good co-parenting moving forward. Mediation promotes healthy communication, healthy co-parenting. We don’t have to fight, we just have to have some hard conversations.” This week I speak with Matthew Carroll, a mediator …

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We Are in This Together

Back in the late ’80s I was wondering what it would take for the world to be a peaceful place…for everyone to be happier..for there to be peace in the world. After all, I was a lawyer helping families in deep distress and employers and employees in conflict at work. Litigating who was right and …

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suzy vance polio survivors

Ep. 75: Rev. Dennis Carroll & Scott Howat

October 24th is World Polio Day. On behalf of the rotary club of Michigan City, I interviewed two gentlemen who are polio survivors, Rev. Dennis Carroll and Scott Howat. They are both still experiencing the symptoms of their illnesses to this day.

life change pivot

Embracing the Pivot

For almost three years I’ve been podcasting… sharing the stories of those who embrace the “pivot”…who choose what makes them happy…feeds the person they are and their creativity…and, hopefully and likely…makes the world a better place. Podcasting is the most fun I’ve ever had “working.” It was born of my willingness to pivot. How How …

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Ep. 73 Ryan Casey “If I hear something twice, then I dig in”

This week I speak with Ryan Casey, who helps people take control of their wellbeing. He does this at his exercise-based wellbeing practice that features a combination of Muscle Activation Techniques™, Personal Training, and Coaching, all customized to help you meet the pursuits of your life. His practice has changed people’s lives (including mine) for …

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