Dunes Retreat Labyrinth Walk

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In 2007 I said to my husband, “Where would you like to go in the United States that you haven’t been?” Without hesitation he said, “Alaska!” So we took our companion, Bodhi, and off we went in our car…taking the “roads less traveled” instead of the super-highways. Ten days later we arrived at the border of Alaska and the Yukon having immersed ourselves in a number of hot springs along the way. For three weeks we disconnected from our routine. We slept until we woke (which was early with the sun up most of the time) and went to bed when we felt like it. I learned to trust…to let go of structure…and other things I had come to count on. I even trusted that clients could reach me in far off places…that I would be in “right place at the right time” when they called. (I was in Anchorage when two called with urgent matters!).

When we returned from Alaska, we were greeted by a beautiful sight…our lotus opened up to celebrate the 4th of July!

Time passed…and for reasons beyond speculation, our Bodhi and I began to collect rocks…Together, we created what, today, I call the “Dunes Labyrinth.” It took us nine months, until the following May. Late that summer, our Bodhi moved on…easily…and gently…showing us both how to shift and change with grace. Today I am so grateful for her gift to us and the memories of our journey and the inspiration and awareness life (and my labyrinth) provide each time I choose to experience a Walk in the Dunes Labyrinth.

dunes labyrinth
dunes labyrinth
dunes labyrinth
dunes labyrinth

How Would You Like to Step Out of Your Routine?

  • Unguided visits to the Dunes Labyrinth are available by appointment for free.
  • Three hour Dunes Labyrinth Experiences also are available with Suzy Vance on request or as part of an No Regrets Experience you create for yourself or a group.
  • Please note, this labyrinth is not handicap accessible.

Design Your Own Experience

Make the Dunes Retreat Labyrinth part of your own personal, special journey or experience that you design with Suzy.

Looking for Other Labyrinths in North America?

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