Suzy Vance Life Coach
Life Mask Experience

See Yourself…See Others.

This experience is designed for us to see ourselves and appreciate others.

Working in pairs, we take turns building three-dimensional masks on each other’s faces using Plaster of Paris casting material. Decorating our own mask with paint and other materials, we find our own unique expression. And sometimes…depending on the experience…role-playing using the masks, we integrate self expression with the group as a whole.

life mask experience
life mask experience
life mask experience
life mask experience

In a community setting, the Life Mask experience gives each participant a renewed sense of self and an appreciation of others while it bridges gaps between people regardless of their differences.

People Who Have Participated in Life Mask Experiences Have Said

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"It helped me know I can trust myself when working closely with others."
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"Helped me see each person, including myself, as a unique individual with a special contribution to make to the group."
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"Individual truths are revealed, brought from the inside out, now made visible and tangible in their unique creation."
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"Helped me let go of the fear that I wouldn’t do something right and helped me know I could communicate with my partner and others in a way that develops trust and gets the best job done."
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"Suzy gently guides the process, eliciting unexpected, safe, and very human experiences: curiosity, understanding, clarity, trust, compassion, communication, confidence, and genuine fun. Questions you may not have known you had…may be answered."

A Defining Experience

I first participated in a Life Mask experience thirty years ago. Through that, I started to discover my own creative energy, and the power that experiences like this can have in transforming a person. I encourage you to read my blog to learn more.

Create Your Life Mask Experience

I invite you to contact me to create a life mask experience that will open new doors of insight and awareness for you as well as your group. I’m excited to create experiences for groups of all sizes and ages.