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Creating from the Heart: The Artistry of Living
A New Podcast from Suzy Vance

This project grew out of my deep appreciation for people who say “yes” to opportunities that speak to their hearts.

I’m curious. I relish new ideas. I’m enthralled when I observe people shift…often not in a linear fashion. These people DO NOT shy away from opportunities. They say “yes”…to what calls them…often at significant risk. “Creating from the Heart: The Artistry of Living” was created to share their stories with you. These people are, as we all can be, amazing “Artists of Life.”

As Sister Korita Kent said:

We all do this every day. Not all of us are painters, but we are artists. Each time we fit things together we are creating, whether it’s a loaf of bread, a child, or a life.

I hope you enjoy these people and their stories, and I hope their willingness to say “yes” to their opportunities becomes your “pink permission slip” to say “yes” to whatever dream or idea is near and dear to your own heart.

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