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Sometimes we find ourselves in the throws of challenges, shifts, and changes. We wonder what to do to fix or generate something different. We’re tense…pressing for “the answer.”

In my personal and professional life I’ve found what really works is to occupy our left brain with an activity…something fun that requires our attention. This, in turn, allows the right brain to wander off on its own…paying no attention to the task requiring left brain attention. I call this “taking a field trip.”

Something happens when we step out of our routine…often something we least expect.

Yes…we’re engaged in an activity…and…what’s really happening is we’re freeing up our right brain…giving it permission to go off on its own. When we do this…an idea…a viable possibility can present itself…all because we were NOT paying attention or focusing on the problem! We STOP picking at the dilemma. We step away. We go play…yes…play. We do something we don’t usually do…maybe even something we’ve never done before…something that occupies the rational logical part of our brain so the creative part can do what it does best and help us out.

The adventurous and unique creativity exercises I’ve created and offer here have fostered many new perspectives and created many new beginnings for individuals, groups, and teams.

No prior experience is necessary!

Are you in?

Is your team ready to be energized?


Creativity Exercises:

Circles of Possibility

Give yourself a little treat…just a few hours out of your routine. Come to one of my Circles of Possibility…! promise you a fun time…and more awareness of the joy in your life. How does it get any better than that?

On The Rise!

Experience a memorable hands-on getaway as Suzy guides you through the breadmaking journey.

Memoir in 17 Syllables

Memorialize your experiences and cherished memories with a haiku, a centuries-old art form.

Life Mask Experience

See and express the creative “you” with a plaster mask of your face, decorated with paints and other materials.

Forest Bathing

Experience the restorative energy of nature when you slow down to immerse yourself in the natural environment.

Dunes Retreat Labyrinth

Step away from your routine with this meditative walking experience.

Access Bars®

Discover how you can be more present in the world.